PAN Youth


Teaching our youth the meaning of what it is to be a Pagan. helping them to understand the different paths, the Equinox and Solstice. Teaching them in a fun, interacting and engaging way.
Giving our youth a sense of belonging, helping them connect with children of like-mindedness.

We hold a gathering once a month at various venues.
We have created a Facebook page for our youth to connect with other Pagan Youth all over South Africa. The group is by invitation only and will be run by the Youth under the guidance of the elders in the community.
The youth program will be divided into 3 groups:


This group is for our youngest members, children under 10.
There will be fun activities for them to do, like Solstice and Equinox  themed colouring activities, story time, and arts and crafts all aimed at enlightening our  youngens, in a fun and engaging way, about all the different Pagan ways of life.


Aimed at the age group between 10 to 13.
Our Saplings will be taught more about the inner workings of the different rituals, they will be charged the setting up the ritual alters and the cleansing of the sacred space and so forth. There will be classes on the different Gods and Goddesses of the different paths led by a High Priest or Priestess of that path. They will be given fun and engaging activities to do, all related to the different Pagan paths


This group is for our young adults between 13 and 18.
Our Oaks will taught how to assist our youngens in their teachings and how to be active members of the Pagan community. Here we would like to aim at guiding and nurturing the different attributes that come out during their teachings and classes. Be it they are good at counseling, dealing with their younger pears, teaching, healing, cleansing or any other gifts that they gain. These are going to be our future elders, let be there for them and show them the way.

Youth registration form.

Why a Youth registration form you may ask?
Our youth are our most precious gifts, they are our future and as such need to be protected and guided. The reason for the registration form is to assist us in not only placing them into the correct group but also to learn a bit out them. This form will also determine whether they are eligible to join the facebook page where they can connect with other Pagan Youths across the country.   

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