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PAN Events have strived over the past few years to bring events to the people that they have requested, some have not worked out well and others have been a success. as time goes events come and go and like a phoenix some are resurrected as the financial climate change, so keep an eye on the list of events. there is always something changing. 

The Pagan Freedom Day initiative was birthed on 11 November 2003 to facilitate an annual national and regional celebration of 10 years of Pagan Religious Freedom in South Africa on Freedom Day 27 April 2004.

In January 2004, this initiative was formerly chartered as the Pagan Freedom Day Movement (PFDM).

Since its inception, Pagans across the country have willingly embraced the ideal of Pagan Freedom Day, namely to encourage Cooperative Community building amongst Pagans and between Pagans and non-Pagans. It is hoped that by fostering a positive and holistic South African Pagan identity, we can promote understanding and tolerance amongst Pagans and between Pagans and non-Pagan South Africans.

Regional Communities have been formed to facilitate these ideals and to foster both Pagan identity and consolidate cooperative community building. Diverse Pagan individuals and groups have rallied together under the banner of Freedom and Unity in Diversity.

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Please note bookings for Pagan Heritage Day are now opened.to book a stall click here

Pagan Heritage Day was founded on 15 June 2013. The first Pagan Heritage day was held on 27th September 2014 and was held at Jeppe Quondam sports field and it was a resounding success. 

This initiative was spurred on by the requests from the Pagan Community to increase the Pagan events calendar. The fist Pagan Heritage Day was a resounding success and has become a fix event on the Pagan calendar.

What can you expect on the day? We have covens, groves, kindreds and temples who offer talks and discussion about their path and have stalls that sell tools of their craft to assist in running of their covens.

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To apply for a stall, please note bookings for Pagan Freedom Day are closed and will be opened closer to the time of the event

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